9. SDI Terms and Definitions

SDI Terms and definitions




data level

stratum within a set of layered levels in which data is recorded that conforms to definitions of types found at the application model level

ISO 19101

dataset series (dataset collection1)

collection of datasets sharing the same product specification

 ISO 19113, ISO 19114, ISO 19115

geographic dataset

dataset with a spatial aspect

 ISO 19115

geographic information

information concerning phenomena implicitly or explicitly associated with a location relative to the Earth

 ISO 19128


named set of operations that characterize the behavior of an entity

ISO 19119

metadata entity

set of metadata elements describing the same aspect of data.

ISO 19115

metadata schema

conceptual schema describing metadata

ISO 19101

metadata section

subset of metadata that defines a collection of related metadata entities and elements

ISO 19115


specification of a transformation or query that an object may be called to execute

ISO 19119


variable whose name and value are included in an operation request or response

ISO 19119


set of one or more base standards and – where applicable – the identification of chosen clauses, classes, subsets, options and parameters of those base standards that are necessary for accomplishing a particular function

 ISO 19101, ISO 19106


formal description of a model

ISO 19101,

ISO 19103,

ISO 19109,

ISO 19118

server service instance

a particular instance of a service

 ISO 19128

data clearinghouse

collection of institutions providing digital data, which can be searched through a single interface

ISO 19115

using a common metadata standard

feature catalogue

catalogue containing definitions and descriptions of the feature types, feature attributes, and feature

 ISO 19101, ISO 19110

relationships occurring in one or more sets of geographic data, together with any feature operations

that may be applied

metadata dataset

metadata describing a specific dataset

ISO 19101

service interface

shared boundary between an automated system or human being and another automated system or

ISO 19101

human being

service metadata

metadata describing the operations and geographic information available at a server

 ISO 19128

transfer protocol

common set of rules for defining interactions between distributed systems

ISO 19118