2. ISO Expanded Definitions

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has developed a set of standards related to metadata, which are known as ISO Elements metadata standards. These standards provide guidelines and best practices for creating and managing metadata for various purposes, including data interchange, information retrieval, and data preservation. Here are some of the ISO metadata standards:


This resource is being actively developed. The list may not be comprehensive at this time.

ISO 19110

ISO 19110 - Geographic Information - Methodology for Feature Cataloguing

ISO 19110 standardizes the metadata related to geographic features, helping to describe the characteristics of geographic objects like roads, buildings, and land parcels.

ISO 19115
ISO 19115 - Geographic Information - Metadata - Part 1: Fundamentals

This standard specifies the metadata elements and their definitions for geographic information. It is widely used for describing geospatial data, including maps, geographic databases, and other geographic resources.

ISO 19115-2 - Geographic Information - Metadata - Part 2: Estensions for acquisition and processing

Extensions for Imagery and Gridded Data: An extension of ISO 19115, this standard provides additional elements and information for describing imagery and gridded data, which are common in remote sensing and earth observation applications.

ISO 19139 - Geographic Information - Metadata - XML Schema Implementation

ISO 19139 is an XML implementation of ISO 19115, allowing for the exchange of geographic information metadata in XML format.

ISO 19158 - Geographic Information - Quality Assurance of Data Supply

This standard outlines the metadata elements needed to document the quality of geographic data, including data accuracy, lineage, and completeness.

ISO 15836 - The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set

While not specifically part of the ISO geospatial series, the Dublin Core standard is widely used for describing resources on the web. It includes a set of basic elements like titles, creators, and dates, which are commonly used for describing digital resources.

ISO 2709 - Information and Documentation - Format for Information Exchange

ISO 2709 is not a geospatial metadata standard per se, but it defines a structure for bibliographic data exchange, which is widely used in library and information systems.

These ISO metadata standards are essential for various domains, including geographic information systems (GIS), environmental science, libraries, and data management. They provide a common framework for describing and sharing information about various types of data and resources, making it easier to exchange and understand metadata across different systems and applications.